Multi-Pipe Wrench / New Multi-Pipe Wrench
Product Name :
Multi-Pipe Wrench (NWSP-1443)
Functions :
While existing products need INCH, MM toolbox, etc., the developed product is an all-in-one tool that has all the functions.
Sequential operations, multi-functions, complex functions, easy operation with relatively small force.
3 times higher workability, 2.5 times higher efficiency; simple manipulation and outstanding functionality
Noticeable Differences :
One product includes pipe and spanner functions on both sides; multiple uses for simple operation, one-touch operation, pipes, bolts, square type connection, etc.; easy movement as one product functions as three existing products.
Prompt connection regardless of the object's size or shape; Sequential tasks can be performed.
Tools in the market are only for single operation and cannot provide multiple functions. Thus, various kinds of tools need to be prepared. This product meets the needs of customers for simple, easy-to-keep, and highly marketable items. Various features of this product are useful both in industrial sites and households. Since it is multi-functional and easy-to-use, there is no need to buy multiple products.
Usage :
Round-shape/square pipes and bolts/nuts joining and loosening. One product contains pipe, spanner, and wrench functions (3 kinds of functions) Easy to use even in a narrow space
Usage :
Pipe section
1) Push the hook with one hand and put an object into the opening.
2) Hold the handle and adjust the working range. Then the position is automatically determined.
Spanner section
3) Adjust the spanner size by using the roller.
4) Hold the handle and turn in the joining/loosening directions.
Features :
International patents (U.S., E.U., Japan, China) obtained or applied for
Specifications :
Pipe section: 10 – 43mm / spanner: 8 – 27mm
Development Period :
Oct. 10, 2010 - Nov. 30, 2010