QMP Adjustanle Wrench
Product Name :
QMP Adjustanle Wrench (WVA-200/250)
Functions :
Bolt/pipe joining and loosening functions
Sequential operation with no need to separate the tool from the object
Suitable for heavy workload and narrow angles and can perform functions of existing tools
Noticeable Differences :
Imported light-weight wrenches are for limited operation such as bolts and nuts.
The handle length is appropriate for pipe/nut/bolt operation
The wide width and thin body are ideal for narrow spaces.
Light and convenient tool for sequential operation
Classified to light/heavy/normal workload applications and piping
Usage :
Multi-use QMP monkey wrench that makes machinery element connecting/loosening easy
Usage :
Bolt loosening/joining
Specifications :
Small size 0 -38mm / Large size 0 - 55m(400)g