Multi-Driver Driver
Product Name :
Multi-Driver (WDA-2060A)
Functions :
Screw tightening/loosening driver
Ordinary driver butt embedded
Possible to change directions
Low-price structure that can be used even in a narrow space
A bit cannot be misplaced because it is embedded
For replacing a bit, push and pull the sliding section.
Noticeable Differences :
Existing drivers in the market are heavy and have a separate bit, which is misplaced easily. The multi-functional driver of World Tools Co., Ltd. is lightweightand easy to use. Since it includes 12 bits, it cannot be misplaced easily.
Features :
Excellent usability as various shapes of tools such as =, -, #, and * can be mounted
Specifications :
Straight bit : 4,6 / Star bit : TH27,TH30 / Cross bit : 1.2.3 / Hexagon bit : 4,6
Development Period :
Jan. 20, 2014 - Dec. 30, 2014