Electric Driver
Product Name :
Electric Driver (AWDA-2070A)
Functions :
Powerful motored torque structure
Left/right rotation
Work lamp structure
1 or 2 bits mountable
Automatic recharging
Automatic assembly line / household / ordinary use
Noticeable Differences :
Convenience in daytime/nighttime operation and even in unsuitablework spaces
Ergonomical components
Work convenience and superior workability with various 12 types of bits embedded
A digital rotary type unit is embedded for easy bit replacement
Auto recharging upon battery consumption
World Tools Co., Ltd. has produced multi-functional non-motor drivers, which include bits in a gun muzzle form so that the bit size is automatically adjusted in performing various operations.
Existing tools are inappropriate for consumers who require automation since they are only for a limited range of use. To meet various needs of customers, World Tools started to manufacture motored tools.
Usage :
tightening/loosening operation
Usage :
You may choose a certain bit by turning the unit as if you turn a gun muzzle.
Use the left/right turning buttons
Push the motion button according to the operation you intend to do.
Features: 12 bits are equipped in one tool. Various shapes such as =, -, #, and * are available in this one motored product.
Specifications :
Straight bit : 4,6 / Star bit : TH27,TH30 / Cross bit : 1.2.3 / Hexagon bit : 4,6
Development Period :
Sep. 01, 2015 - June 30, 2016