Water Pump Pliers
Water Pump Pliers
Product Name :
Water Pump Pliers (WVP-07/10/12)
Functions :
Sequential operation for pipes, machinery elements, etc.
Possible to process objects regardless of the connection size
Noticeable Differences :
The existing Cella operation involved inconvenience in that the hinge section should be adjusted for loosening/joining of an object , which lowered the productivity.
Once you open the opening and place it on an object, there is no need to adjust the size or shape of the object since this product is multi-functional.
You may choose the size as desired.
Easy loosening/joining operation
Possible to connect various items with one hand
Possible to connect items of special shapes including machinery components
Usage :
Round-shape/square pipes and bolts/nuts joining and loosening.
Sequential operation with no need to measure the objects' size
Usage :
: 1) Lift up the upper handle upward and then pull it horizontally.
2) Put the opening section into an object and push the upper handle to fix the object.
3) Hold the upper and lower handles and perform sequential operation by applying turning force in the loosening/joining direction.
Specifications :
0 - 36mm / 7m   0 - 45mm / 10m   0 - 55mm / 12m
Development Period :
Sep. 01, 2015 - June 30, 2016
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