Sharpeners Knife
Product Name :
Sharpeners Knife (WVK-1389)
Functions :
Sharpening a blunt blade
Noticeable Differences :
While existing blade sharpeners have only one function, the present product includes the blade grinding step after the first rough sharpening step. The handle is fixed securely on the table, and the user can remain in a comfortable position while working.
Usage :
The life cycle is long as the diamond type structure is applied for knives, scissors, saws, sickles, etc.
Blade sharpening in two steps
Development Period :
March 30, 2014 - June 20, 2014
Product Name :
Sharpeners Knife (WVK-0808)
Functions :
Knife sharpener to be used at homes and restaurants
Specifications :
Multipurpose knife sharpener